Bad Company 2’s ‘Onslaught’ mode priced and dated

When the impending four-person “Onslaught” mode was first announced for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, we got most of the basic details down — except for “when?” and “how much?” We now have those too.

DICE informs us this add-on will be downloadable starting on Tuesday, June 22 for both PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE alike at a cost of $9.99. Seems reasonable, although I’m not entirely sure it’s enough to get me back into Bad Company 2. We shall see.

And to up the silliness quotient of this post, let us include the recently divulged “Kit Shortcuts.” Basically, you can pay to unlock all of the class-specific items; gross, I know. These are $6.99 per class or you can get them bundled for $19.99 with the seven vehicle unlocks.

Wednesday, June 16, on Xbox LIVE and the 22nd for PSN are when you can start buying your way to victory. I don’t know why you would, since half the fun is earning these the real way.

Prepare for the Onslaught [Battlefield Blog]

Jordan Devore
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