Bad at Dead Space 2? These add-ons will help for a price

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A few add-on packs for Dead Space 2 went live today. They add weapons and suits to the unrelenting action-horror game, and when I say “add,” I actually mean “unlock.” Yes sir, these downloads weigh in at a whopping 108 KB a piece. Five dollars seems kind of high when you put it like that.

Since the Xbox LIVE descriptions aren’t exactly revealing, GameFAQs user VickersZombie has taken it upon himself to post what’s included in each bundle as well as images of the suits. He’s a gentleman and a scholar.

I’m sure plenty of people will end up buying one or more of these add-ons, simply because they’ll make Dead Space 2 easier. Honestly, you don’t need much more than the Plasma Cutter and Detonator to be successful. Those two pack a powerful punch.

Dead Space 2 Hazard, Martial Law and Supernova DLC packs available now [Joystiq]

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