Backlog begins Series 6 and Spy Fiction tonight!

Backlog is back and coming to you earlier than ever. Going forward, I’ll be taking over Destructoid’s channel at 8pm Pacific every night, right after Mash Tactics. And we’re at the start of a brand new old game! Instead of the traditional voting method I usually employ for each series, I’m invoking the “Player’s Choice” clause in my totally real contract which allows me to play whatever I want.

That’s why we’ll be playing Spy Fiction. This is a stealth-action game directed by Swery of Deadly Premonition fame. While I was always a little bit curious about the game, this knowledge pushed me over the edge and I picked up a copy on the cheap a while back. Never played it, though.

No time like the present, I occasionally have been known to say. When it suits. You understand. Tune in to Backlog and join in on the fun in the chat on Destructoid’s channel right now!

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