Backbreaker is out today, so learn about its modes

At long last, Backbreaker is here — NaturalMotion’s Euphoria-engine-powered football game is in stores today, and it offers some pretty deep modes. Check out the video above, the last one in a series of tutorials, to find out about Backbreakers ‘Training Camp,’ ‘Exhibition,’ ‘Season,’ and ‘Road to Backbreaker’ modes. Training Camp is where you learn the ropes, and in an Exhibition game, you can test your skills.

Season mode is pretty self-explanatory: you take a team through multiple seasons in either an 8-, 16-, or 32-team league, and you can scout and draft “college” players. But in Road to Backbreaker, you start with a fully customized created team in an 8-team league — where you’ll edit team colors, logos, and individual player names — and can pick up players from a free agent pool on the way toward the 32-team league and the Backbreaker Bowl!

Keep your eyes peeled for a full review of Backbreaker, which is coming soon!

Samit Sarkar