Baby Steps takes another step towards launching off in Summer 2024

One small step for man, one big fall for Baby

Baby Steps

To beat a difficult game, you need to take it one step at a time. And next summer in Baby Steps, you’ll need to take that advice very, very literally.

Shown during today’s State of Play, Baby Steps is the latest physics-and-coordination game from Bennett Foddy, Gabe Cuzzillo, and Maxi Boch. You might remember Foddy from classics like QWOP or Getting Over It. Well, Baby Steps certainly looks to be carrying forward that legacy.

As the player character struggles to navigate even basic terrain without tripping over their ankles, this really does look like an enjoyably frustrating experience. The added humor might be make-or-break for you, though I personally dig it. I’m really most intrigued by the different obstacles though, especially that skateboard. It’s a set-up built for all kinds of mishaps.

I think you know if you want these kinds of experiences or not, just at a glance. For me, I’m down; and even if you don’t want to play Baby Steps, it’s probably one to watch your favorite streamer play anyways.

We also got a mildly updated release window for Baby Steps, as the trippy antics aim for Summer 2024.

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