Ay! From’s making a new Armored Core and a ‘very weird’ game

Three games from the folks behind Dark Souls

From Software (Bloodborne, Dark Souls) is working on three new games, From president Hidetaka Miyazaki told IGN. And one of them is a new Armored Core! That’s a semi-cult-favorite mech combat series.

“[O]ne of the new titles I’ve been working on will probably comply with the expectations from the fans in straightforward manner,” Miyazaki said. It seems likely it will be some kind of “dark fantasy” action game, but not part of the Dark Souls line. So there’s that, there’s Armored Core.

“The last thing is that another title will probably be a little bit weird. When we actually announce the title, probably fans will react with ‘oh, what the hell is this very weird game that Miyazaki has created?” he said.  “So when I say weird, I mean that the genre we’re trying to try might be a little bit weird. Not only that, but all the other actual game content might be a little bit weird, yes.”

Sounds fine. Could be a wait, though, as Miyazaki notes he’s, “not sure how many more years we need to build those” and that “there are still several obstacles we need to overcome.”

From Software Working on 3 Games, One of Which Is Armored Core [IGN]

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