Axiom Verge Wii U port ‘has the edge’

A prequel or sequel may come next

Game developer Tom Happ first started working on the Metroid-inspired action/exploration game Axiom Verge back on 2010. Six years later, and the game is about to be released on Nintendo’s current home console, going head-to-head for the attention of Metroid fans against Nintendo’s upcoming Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and coming out on top in the eyes of many. 

We talked with Tom about that, the game’s steady success in the sales department, how the Wii U GamePad will make the experience a little breezier thanks to features like Off-TV play, map display and touch screen item management, and a lot more. After he worked on the game for so long, I was surprised to hear Tom’s next game will most likely be a Axiom Verge prequel or sequel. He’s clearly committed to the world he’s created, and loves the genre enough to stick with it, at least a little while longer. 

Jonathan Holmes
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