Axiom Verge fan speedrunning ‘Metroidvania’ games for charity

Inspired by Alastair Happ’s containing struggle with the Kernicterus

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Shortly after Axiom Verge launched in 2015, its creator Tom Happ and his wife Chloe had Alastair, their first child. It was shortly after he was born that Tomm and Chloe were told that he suffers from a condition called Kernicterus — the result of unresolved or mistreated Jaundice in newborns. While it effects everyone differently, it’s certain that their son will suffer from severe limitations in his motor functioning for the rest of his life. Since learning all this, Tom and Chloe have spent the majority of their time, money, and energy since launching the game on finding treatments for his son. Tom wrote about some of their efforts here

Those in the Axiom Verge fan community have felt Tom and Chloe’s frustration and powerlessness right along with them. One member of the community, champion speedrunner Gvirus, is streaming Axiom Verge and multiple other games in the Metroidvania sub-genre today at 5pm EST in a show of solidarity. He’s accepting donations, with all proceeds going to Kernicterus Research Fund

While running a fund drive to pay for a giant pointless hole may seem funny to those of us seeking to embrace Nihilistic apathy as worthwhile philosophy on life, I take it as a huge relief to see that some people out there still give an actual shit about each other. Thanks Gvirus! 

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