Axiom Verge developer talks about Xbox One port challenges

Game will release September 30 on Xbox One

Tom Happ, the creator of Metroid-like Axiom Verge posted on his blog today that the game had passed certification and will release on the Xbox One on September 30.

In the blog post, Happ notes that there’s a certain degree of irony in Axiom Verge hitting the One last of all the current-generation consoles, since his target platform was the Xbox 360 when he started developing the game. Unfortunately, by the time he was ready to launch, the development system he was using, XNA was no longer compatible with the Xbox systems.

Fortunately, it was possible to port the game using an open-source version of XNA called MonoGame, and that’s how Axiom Verge was converted. Happ mentions that his collaborator in converting this version is using it as a test case, and that he hopes this means that many other XNA developed games can be easily converted to work with the Xbox One’s architecture.

With this release, Axiom Verge will be available on every current gen platform except the 3DS. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s a very solid 2D Metroid game and well worth your time. You can check out our review for the PS4 version here.

Achievement Unlocked! [Axiom Verge blog]

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