Awww! Plushie Xbox 360 V2 is out

If you want to talk about console fanboy-ism, I’ll admit that I was a Sega kid, and that I still have various Sega plushies, gashapon, key chains and various other collectibles strewn about my pad. As the days go on, I grow more and more fond of my Xbox 360. I don’t know that I’m to the point where I’d want to sleep with it yet, but if I did, my bases would be covered with this plushie console.

Here’s an ebay auction for what artist kickass-peanut calls Xbox 360 Plush Edition V2. How great is this?

This new model is now wireless, has an “infinite hard drive,” and a “super super cute smiley face” to boot. Apparently they take 5 hours to make by hand. This happy console is being sold via ebay for the reasonable price of £35.00, and kickass-peanut will ship to the UK and the US.

I’m willing to throw what’s left of my manliness out the window and boldly say that I need this

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