Awesome Nintendo DS stylus art

Major props must go out to charliesuh for making such awesome Mr. Destructoid fan art. What separates this from regular fan art? He made it all on the Nintendo DS! His first creation was Mr. Destructoid in wheel mode. Thanks to BackFlips whining, charliesuh made his second drawing the flying version of Mr. Destructoid. Then he made the really good one which you see above of Mr. Destructoid ripping the head off of some n00b.

After seeing his drawings, I thought that it’d be a great idea to get some kind of community thing going where you readers start submitting DS art. Especially since I have never seen any kind of site dedicated to making stylus art on the DS. Then Mxyzptlk pretty much schooled me and showed me three different sites that focus on DS stylus art. The first one Mxyzptlk showed was from the forums of Nintendo. They have a tread dedicated to this kind of stuff which started in 2003 and has nearly 3,000 replys. Taking a quick glance over the first few hundred, I’d have to say this Metroid one was my favorite. The second link he showed was to a Live Journal community for just Picto art. There isn’t a lot at the LJ, but some of them are slightly disturbing so it’s worth a quick look. Last link was to a Deviant Art page. The Deviant page has a good selection of Picto art among a bunch of the artist other art style. He also has some great animated gifs which I’m sure a bunch of you will adopt as your avatars now. 

So Destructoiders, wanna show off your DS art style? Then bring it on!

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