Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 set for January, going online-only

Games Done Quick

Organizers cite issues with Florida’s COVID policies and aggression towards LGBTQ+ individuals

Awesome Games Done Quick will be back in 2023, to host another speedrunning charity event. But unlike the most recent SGDQ, it won’t be an in-person event.

Games Done Quick has confirmed that its 2023 AGDQ event will be hosted online, on January 8 through 15. While organizers state they would like to return to in-person, they have determined that “to provide a safe and welcoming event to all” it was best to move away from its originally planned location in Florida.

In a thread detailing the decision, Games Done Quick cites the state’s “continued disregard” for COVID-19 dangers, including anti-mandate policies. They also note increased aggression towards LGBTQ+ individuals, including the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

After the success of AGDQ in 2020, Games Done Quick secured a contract with a Florida venue to return in 2021. The global pandemic postponed that decision until it was deemed safe to return to in-person events.

While the team says it has explored multiple options that would allow them to remain in-person by relocating to a new location, the cost required to cancel its existing contract is too high to justify relocating while also paying the cancellation. Ultimately, with the contract unable to be delayed any longer, the team has decided to move the event online.

“While the move to online will allow us to save some on expenses, we still have considerable costs to recover,” reads today’s statement. “We are looking to recover it wherever possible, including community support via Twitch subs. We thank the community for their support!”

Running for a good cause

The return of Summer Games Done Quick to in-person events was met with a lot of excitement earlier this year. But even so, if policies are unable to be enforced and organizers don’t feel it’s safe, moving online seems like the better option.

If you want to support Games Done Quick, their Twitch channel is here. Both Game and Volunteer submissions open on September 11 on the GDQ site.

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