Awesome custom Mega Man and Punch-Out figures

KodyKoala is no stranger to the front page of Destructoid. We’ve featured him many times for his amazing custom figure skills. From Mega Man, Luigi to even a custom vinyl soopa that plays videos.

Kody’s latest custom figures are some of his best yet. He made a custom Megaman, a Koala Spartan, Iceman, King Hippo and a Gutzdozer. All of them are impressive but the one that stands out the most is easily the Gutzdozer. The figure was created by fusing together a Mech Hulk Top for the body and a GI Joe vehicle. The result is the win you see above. 

Check out the gallery for all of his latest and Kody’s Flickr to see all of his awesome creations. 

Hamza Aziz