Away: The Survival Series hits crowdfunding goal following new trailer

A Bug’s Life

Developer Breaking Walls has released a new gameplay video for their nature-based adventure game Away: The Survival Series. The game, first announced at Sony’s State of Play presentation, sees players guide a sugar glider through the treacherous environment, while switching out to numerous other critters along the way.

As you can see from the video below, Away has been conceived with a visual style reminiscent of a nature documentary, like the kind you’d see hosted by national treasure David Attenborough. In the clip, we see our heroic sugar glider take to the skies and trees like a superhero, as well as battling a gnarly scorpion and negotiating other hazards, on a quest to reunite with your missing family.

The early footage also shows other creatures in action, including a lizard, preying mantis, a colourful frog, and even a creepy spider and a crab. I can’t help but be amused at some of the obligatory video game elements, such as a dramatic slow-motion combat system, but I’m digging the concept. It reminds me of the under-rated Wii release Deadly Creatures, although a little more serene and a little less skin-crawly.

Currently crowdfunding over on Kickstarter, Away: The Survival Series achieved its $60,000 goal just yesterday, and so it seems we’ll definitely be seeing this unique title in future.

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