Aw crap, both new Lumines are for phones

Lumines: Puzzle & Music and Lumines VS

I know it’s not new that both upcoming Lumines games would be smartphone games, but I’d forgotten, so I’m sad all over.

As Kyle noted a couple months back, “Mobast acquired the rights to Lumines and Meteos from Q Entertainment last year and announced a partnership with former Q boss Tatsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Space Channel 5) and his new California-based studio Enhance Games” to make more Lumines. It’s kind of like the whole “give up your child, then adopt them” bit from Hail, Caesar!.

Coming Q2 2016 in English and Japanese is Lumines: Puzzle & Music, which is a paid app. It will be followed by the free-to-play Lumines VS in Q4 2016.

Better go charge my Vita for that Electronic Symphony hit.

Steven Hansen