AvP Hunter Edition Facehuggers are all broken

Apparently, a considerable number of Facehuggers in the Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition are shipping with their tails broken. This is, of course, wonderful news when you consider that the thing costs a hundred dollars. Our very own staffer Adam Dork was affected, buying his special edition only to discover that the spiderial mouth rapist was in poor condition. 

Fortunately, Sega has offered a replacement program for the ruined Huggers. Simply go to this page here and fill in your details. Sega will then contact you via email with instructions on how to replace the figure. Sega’s reasoning for the breakages are that they happened in transit to North American retailers. Makes you wonder how bloody fragile they are. 

I have a Hunter Edition on reserve that I still haven’t picked up yet, and I’m really hoping that mine hasn’t been affected. Either way, this is very stupid. If you’re going to bring out an expensive special edition, the least you could do is put in stuff that won’t break so easily. And this is after they shipped the thing out a day late. 

Facehugger Collectible Replacement [Sega]


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