Avatar: The Movie: The Game guided Navi campaign vid hits

I won’t pretend to know what James Cameron’s Avatar is all about. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the movie’s title has neither the words “Terminator” or “Robocop” in it — this is a huge problem for me and my attention span. Still, there’s a videogame based on the property hitting in the near future, so I suppose I should get my act together.

And what better time than now? Earlier this afternoon, publisher Ubisoft dropped another trailer for the exciting videogame property featuring blue dudes that ride quasi-dragons and fire explosive arrows from longbows. This video in particular focuses on the Navi campaign, which has players rolling as a blue dude and killing PMCs armed with nanomachines and automatic rifles.

Check it out if you’re still not tired of movie tie-ins yet. This game does look sharp and executive producer Patrick Naud’s words do give you an idea of what the hell is going on. I kind of feel dirty now that I know the names of some of this stuff. I hope Robo will forgive me.

Brad BradNicholson