Avatar clothing to be an unlockable feature in future 360 games

So, Microsoft had Rare create the Avatar system for the New Xbox Experience in an obvious attempt to replicate the popularity of the Mii. And then they did… well, not much with it. There are a few games which feature the personalized characters, such as Kingdom for Keflings and a few free packs of clothing have shown up with little fanfare. This lack of follow-through may be about to change.

Rare has revealed to VG247 that new clothing options may soon be available as unlockable items in certain games. They claim to be, “working with multiple partners,” who want to make use of Avatars in their games, though none have actually been announced as of this time.

There’s certainly a precedent for this, as Gamerpics and Themes have already been made available for playing games. Personally, I’d like to see something like the above image as an option, although I fear I might have to wait for Saints Row 3 to have such a dream become reality. What sorts of avatar clothing choices would you like and what games would you demand that you earn them through?

Conrad Zimmerman