Avalanche talks vertical gameplay in Just Cause 2 video

Traversing the environment in Just Cause 2 isn’t always going to be a horizontal steal-a-car or by-the-sole-of-your-boots kind of thing. Developer Avalanche Studios is now pumping another way to roll in the game: through the air.

In the latest video released for the open-world action title, the studio responsible for the game tells viewers that vertical gameplay is a priority. The protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, can take to the air at almost any time — and we mean that; you’ll see in the video — with the aid of a grappling hook and a parachute. He can also base-jump like a pro, a point that makes us believe he could survive taco night without any stomach interruptions due to its obvious iron-lining.

In a few ways, this video makes us think this is what would have happened to Bionic Commando if GRIN had given Nathan a parachute.

Just Cause 2 hits in 2010.

Brad BradNicholson