Auto Chess is ditching Epic Games Store exclusivity in 2020, coming to consoles

PS4 and Switch

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The Auto Chess phenomenon is still kicking, with Valve and Riot Games getting a piece of the action with Underlords and Teamfight Tactics respectively. While one of the main third party efforts, the aptly named Auto Chess got a negative reaction at E3 this year for announcing Epic Games Store exclusivity during the PC Gaming Show, the team is hard at work updating the game, and come to find out, developing console builds.

Announced by way of a Tokyo-based Dragonest meetup, the company’s CEO explained that the game will be getting a 4v4 mode, voice chat, tournament support (for hopeful esports bids), replays, further balance patches, and console editions. Provided that the genre is still alive and kicking next year Auto Chess will arrive on PS4 and Switch in 2020, tossing the Epic Games Store exclusivity to the side: which now seems to just be PC platform exclusivity.

While the Auto Chess genre (a spinoff of MOBAs) might be foreign to some, it’s been making waves globally, to the point where bigger corporations are catching on, hoping to ride its wave. It’ll be interesting to see where its story goes in the future, and if it’ll compete with MOBAs for bigger stages at some point.

Auto Chess [PC Watch via Gematsu]

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