Zoey Handley

Staff Writer - Zoey is a gaming gadabout. She got her start blogging with the community in 2018 and hit the front page soon after. Normally found exploring indie experiments and retro libraries, she does her best to remain chronically uncool.


Review: Lost Wing

One wing isn’t even enough to leave I’m something of a cheerleader for rail shooters. I feel the sub-genre has...

By Zoey Handley 16 August 2020


Review: Rainswept

There’s no peace of mind here… I’d probably make a horrible detective. It’s not that I have any issues with...

By Zoey Handley 26 July 2020


Review: Dex

Get these limbs off me and slap on some chrome I love cyberpunk. I love its towering neon skylines, its...

By Zoey Handley 25 July 2020


Review: CrossCode

Hi! Lea! Sorry… I’ve often said that the worst part about MMOs is the whole multiplayer part. Don’t put too...

By Zoey Handley 20 July 2020


Review: Fury Unleashed

Rage Unbridled I approach roguelikes and their poseur brethren roguelites with a modicum of hesitation. It’s not that I don’t...

By Zoey Handley 17 May 2020


Review: Cloudpunk

Welcome to Nivalis, home of the mid-air collision Flying cars seem to have become a thing of the past. Where...

By Zoey Handley 3 May 2020