Author claims that playing videogames leads to deformities

The father of paranoia is here, and his name is Mike Tomich. Author of a book called Our Silent Epidemic, Tomich claims that allowing children under the age of eight to play videogames can permanently damage their fingers, along with crayon use under the age of five. Tomich explains:

Children develop the injuries because their bones are too soft (not calcified hard) and readily yield to the strong repeating forces. The permanent and accumulative damage from these forces is silently inflicted without pain because of the numbing effects they deliver to the soft bones.

Yeah. Wow. Tomich has openly criticized the U.S. Senate for not passing a bill called S.948-CAMRA which will study children’s health, including the effects of videogame play. I’d also like to point out that on his website, he has a photo of an Xbox 360 and has the words “sources of crippling dynamic forces”. I couldn’t make up something this good if I TRIED. Just go look at the whole website and revel in it. Don’t bend your finger to click the mouse though, because you might break it.

[Via GamePolitics]

Colette Bennett