Australia says Blitz and drugs are bad … mmmkay?

It’s not bad enough that Blitz: The League for the Xbox 360 had to suffer from last-gen straight to next-gen port status, but now the government of Australia says the game cannot come near any kangaroos. Yeah, they went ahead and banned this game. Apparently, steroid and drug users aren’t good role models for wannabe American football players:

Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC), which rates videogames, took exception to the game which allows players to buy performance enhancing drugs and fake urine tests to avoid detection.

“While the game player can choose not to use the drugs, in the Board’s majority view there is an incentive to use them,” said a statement from the OFLC.

“By using them judiciously, the player can improve the performance of the football team (while managing the negative effects) and have a better chance of winning games, thereby winning bets and climbing the league table,” said the Board.

What a bunch of sissy boys. Hey Australia: Grow a pair. 

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