Aussie Steam version of Borderlands censored, 2K fixing

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Even though the Australian Steam release version of Borderlands isn’t slated to hit until October 30th, Internet-wise Aussies have been getting their digital copies of the imaginative RPS early. Fine, but not fine. According to AusGamers, early owners are finding that the Australian digital release is kinda censored, which apparently wasn’t supposed to happen in the land of the Evil Ratings Board.

Chock it up to an accident. In a statement we haven’t seen, 2K Games said that even though a file exists that should censor the game, it isn’t actually censoring it. In addition to this, 2K related that 2K AU is aware of the problem and are working on a fix: “[2K AU] have been talking to the US 2K team via e-mail and working out how this happen/ what the next steps are to amend this via Steam.“

The statement continues, making it clear that 2K is working on a way to get those who downloaded the censored version of Borderlands a proper bloody one. “[2K AU is] working on clearing this up with Valve right now and know to ask how they will handle those people who have already [downloaded] the wrong version.”

The offending — or non-offensive file, in this case — is “borderlands_low_violence.ncf,” which just so happens to be the name of a Pearl-colored rifle we picked up yesterday afternoon. It has a pretty decent reload speed and a huge magazine, but the damage is complete garbage. We’ll duel you for the rights to it, though.

[Update: There was a bit of confusion — we assumed that the statement was in-full. Apparently, this non-offensive file is just a file. Even though it’s name seems to indicate something was censored, it’s not doing anything other than existing. Possibly.]

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