Attention, quivering fans: Diablo III Overture is free on iTunes!

Ever since that glorious day at the end of June when Diablo III was officially revealed, I’ve been splitting my time between rejoicing that the time has finally come and agonizing how I am going to afford optimizing my computer to handle it (as we all know, the game just has too many damnable colors).

However, as much as I look forward to playing the game, I am excited for the soundtrack, and while my cool points may plummet significantly, I have to admit it: I own the soundtrack to Diablo II, and I still listen to it fairly regularly. Hearing the music for Diablo III was a big deal for me, as I knew it was a major part of what made the previous games so resonant for me. Even hearing it now throws me directly back into those games and all the hours I spent playing them.

If you head to iTunes (or you can go direct via this link), you can download the Diablo III Overture as performed by Russell Brower and the Eminence Symphony Orchestra for free. Yeah, listening to this will likely have the same effect as watching a hot girl take off a small portion of clothing and then vanish, but you know, it’s better than nothing. I’ll take anything to feed my voracious hunger for this game until the day it finally debuts.

[Via Original Sound Version – Thanks, Jayson!]

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