Attention all masochists: Alien: Isolation has a Nightmare difficulty now

Because that game isn’t hard enough

Anyone that’s tried tackling Alien: Isolation on the toughest difficulty knows that it’s a painstakingly hard endeavor. There’s little room for error, as the alien is quite adept at adapting to your strategies. As if it needed it, Creative Assembly added an even harder setting to the game.

In a post on Alien: Isolation‘s website, Creative Assembly unveiled Nightmare difficulty — a challenge that’s only for “players with extremely strong dispositions.” The new mode saddles the player with several disadvantages such as a broken and unreliable motion tracker, reduced resources, and no indicator of health or ammo. Most importantly, it increases the alien’s abilities substantially, allowing it to adapt faster, give it heightened senses, be more aggressive, and never give the player a second chance.

Conversely, another new mode was added that does the exact opposite. Novice scales everything back and gives the player more breathing room. Many of the changes were made to “dumb down” the alien, but the effects encompass all areas of gameplay. This is probably the new setting you’ll want to try if you don’t hate yourself.

New Nightmare and Novice Difficulty Modes [Alien: Isolation]

Brett Makedonski
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