Atomic Heart is still pumping out wild teaser videos

Back in the USSR

I’ve lost track of how many videos I’ve seen for Atomic Heart, and I’m not convinced the game can live up to fans’ high expectations, but I am – and will continue to be – along for this wild ride. Here’s a new one!

I’m at the point where I won’t even mind if Atomic Heart isn’t very fun to play – the killer-robot-filled alternate-universe Soviet Union backdrop is just so visually interesting. I want to explore this world and see all of the crazy sights the creator, Mundfish, dreamed up. That said, it looks fun too. I’ll gladly smash bots with a sledgehammer and fight a circulatory system tree monster. They don’t have to ask twice.

The release date for Atomic Heart is still firmly “TBA” on Steam and, as usual, the trailer has a disclaimer that “all game elements from the video can change.” Gosh, I hope it all comes together cohesively.

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