Atomic Games on the difference between sims and games

You may already know this as it isn’t actually top secret information, but Atomic Games, developer of the upcoming Breach and controversial Six Days in Fallujah, is owned in part by the CIA and does extensive simulation development for the military. While they can’t actually discuss what they do in detail they say that their games are often influenced by their sims — but not too much.

“But it’s also fundamental with what we’re doing that we don’t make training systems for the commercial market, and we don’t make games for the government,” he told Bitmob. “We can share technology, we can share artwork, but there are tools and things we need to do in the training systems that would make it not as much fun in the commercial market. And on the same side, without those tools built into the training systems, they lose their effectiveness as a training tool.

This fact makes the entire ordeal over Six Days in Fallujah feel even more ridiculous. I mean, these are the guys the U.S. government turns to when they want virtual recreations of military exploits!

Atomic Games on Breach, the Military Training Sim Business, and Funding from the CIA [Bitmob]

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