Atomega is an endearing shooter from Ubisoft’s Grow Home team, and it comes to PC next week

Bulk up

Bigger is better in the new game from Ubisoft Reflections. The developer that’s best known for Grow Home and Grow Up, adventures that see a little robot trying to ascend as high as possible, has just announced a multiplayer shooter that seems to retain all the charm from the Grow games.

This new effort is called Atomega, and it’s an eight-player PC-only arena shooter about bulking up. Every player starts as a little ball of energy, and they vie to accumulate blocks in order to grow and transform into something else. Acquiring blocks earns points, and the goal is to finish the round with the most points. It stands to reason that anyone who can evolve into the Omega stands a pretty good chance at winning.

Spiritually, Atomega seems to be similar to the incredibly addictive browser game in the way that it emphasizes both passive and aggressive means of growing. With regard to upcoming releases, it also strikes more than a passing resemblance to Switch shooter Morphies Law. It’s not wholly original, but it’s a fun formula nevertheless.

Maybe most surprising is how far away Atomega is from release. In its announcement post, Ubisoft says that it’s set to launch on September 19 for $10. Next week! Just remember that when you tack on mass, you sacrifice flexibility.

Atomega — Grow, Shrink, and Shoot Your Way to Victory on September 19 [UbiBlog]

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