Atlus update: Summon Night: Twin Age and Spectral Force 3 pushed back

I’m practically swimming in Atlus releases here. Arcana Heart is still kicking my ass, and I’m preparing to draw my stylus out for Rondo of Swords. Oh, and I’m constantly reloading from last save/dying in Persona 3: Fes for an upcoming Destructoid review.  I love these games, and I’m not complaining, but lately my bank statement has.

To be honest, I’ve been sweating (well, my wallet has) the upcoming spring and summer Atlus releases. Today Atlus sends word of new release dates for two of those titles. The strategy hotness in Spectral Force 3 has been moved back to a hotter month, hitting stores on July 29th instead of the previously announced May 27th. Likewise, the DS title Summon Knight: Twin Age moves back a couple of weeks from May 20 to June 3rd.

As far as I know, the tactical-heavy, Hitler-y goodness of Operation Darkness is still slated for a June 24th release, though you’re able to nab the Xbox 360 demo on Live now.

You can either view this as a disappointing delay, or a break for your wallet. Both for me. What about you? 

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