Atlus tragedy! Raiho plushies stolen by pirates

If you’re at Atlus fan and also a fan of the Devil Summoner games, hearing that the preorder bonus for Devil Summoner 2 was a plushie of Jack Frost dressed as Raiho surely sent you into a fierce fit of nerd spasms. Bad news is, Atlus has announced that the shipment of these plushies has been stolen today by what they describe as a “roving pirate frigate”. More on this from Atlus’s PR extraordinaire, Aram Jabbari:

“Today is a somber day for Atlus … Nearly 4.6 tons of Raiho, our ultra-collectible bonus for Devil Summoner 2, have been plush-napped. The pirates responsible have made a list of demands and offered numerous overt threats as to the safety of the Raihos. While it pains us gravely, and it no doubt disappoints the fans, we remain strong in our resolve and maintain our corporate policy: Atlus does not negotiate with sea pirates. Let us think of the plushies as they were… cute, stuffed, and delightful.”

The full leaked video from the supposed kidnappers is after the jump, and I hang my head for the tragedy of it all. We can only hope that this precious commodity can be recovered, as Atlus fans worldwide would surely be devastated by the loss were it to be permanent. I took a break from playing my review copy of Egyptian Dental Fair to bring you this breaking news, but you know, when you make a committment to HARD HITTING GAMES JOURNALISM, you must be there to report the news, no matter what!

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