Atlus’ Strange Journey video looks great, not strange

The first full MegaTen game on the DS, Strange Journey, is looking pretty good. We knew it was coming, but Atlus has been pretty tight-lipped on details until recently. Now that we’re drawing closer to the Japanese release date of October 10th, some new details are coming out, including this new promotional video.

In this video you’ll see plenty of game play. You’ll get a taste of the first-person fully 3D dungeon crawling. You’ll also see the battles, which look like highly upgraded versions of the visuals in battles in Atlus’ other recent DS game, Devil Survivor. Even the demon system is shown off for a bit. The art for these demons looks nice, and now they are even animated.

I know that Atlus USA is going to bring this over. It’s just a question of when. Hurry up!

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