Atlus sends a Persona-ish tease from 1999

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Not that it says anything about the Persona franchise per se. Rather, Atlus’ regular newsletter was a cheeky production straight from June 23rd, 1999 (check it out in the gallery), complete Y2K madness, a review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and a Gamepro promotion for Tail Concerto. The telling bit of old news, however, is a declaration that “absolutely no new games” were releasing that day in Japan.

UNTRUE! A Japanese, Atlus-published game that was out in Japan that day (or rather, on June 24th, which would be June 23rd in America) and just happened to be the first installment of the sequel to Persona: RevelationsPersona 2: Innocent Sin. It also just so happens that a PlayStation Portable remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin recently hit the shelves in Glorious Nippon. Related? Probably. And quite welcome, as I will be playing Innocent Sin for the first time should it hit stateside.

It’s a high-quality tease, for sure (a hell of a lot more interesting than the slew of trailers Activision threw out for Modern Warfare III), but in retrospect, a foregone conclusion. Ever since Shin Megami Tensei became a franchise that matters in North America (no small thanks to the Persona series), I’ve yet to see Atlus USA pass on publishing an Atlus title that wasn’t some kind of strange cellphone RPG.

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