Atlus reveals Persona 5’s ninth party member, ‘co-op system’

During their E3 stream

It might all be in Japanese, but Atlus has shown off a lot of Persona 5 gameplay during their special E3 stream. The main takeaway is the reveal of the ninth party member, named “Goro Akechi.” He’s not just a detective, but he’s a high school student as well! Haha, this universe — not afraid to re-use storylines.

You can also get a look at the characters Munehisa Iwai, Sojiro Sakura, and Tae Takemi in the videos below. They’re a part of the new “co-op” feature, which will allow players to develop social links of sorts with NPCs. Tae seems to be a doctor, Sojiro a chef, and Munehisa is an…arms dealer of sorts? The latter is already being called the “Persona 5 Dad.”

I’m seriously considering importing this. I don’t know if I can wait the five months between localizations.

Chris Carter
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