Atlus offers pre-order goodies for Persona 4, Eternal Poison and Luminous Arc 2

Atlus are great. They should know by now that their fanbase is so rabid that we will buy anything they put out anyway, but they choose to give us more than just the game, because they love to give to their fans. I know, I’m gushing. I’ll stop.

If you preorder Eternal Poison, Persona 4 or Luminous Arc II through Gamestop,, EB Games or Game Crazy, you will also get the soundtrack CD and an art book for each respective title. These games come out in November and December, so you have time to stash the dollars until they actually come out.

I had planned to get Persona 4 and was contemplating Luminous Arc II as well, but this pretty much sold me on pre-ordering both. I’m such a sucker for art books. Are you going to preorder any of these?

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett