Atlus’ MegaTen game Strange Journey is a DS title

Remember when we told you about the leak on an Atlus Japan teaser webpage? It was for a role-playing game called Strange Journey, and it was supposed to be part of the MegaTen series of games. Now we know some solid details on this title; the main detail is that this turns out to be a DS game.

Strange Journey will be the first full Megami Tensei game on the DS when it is released on October 10th in Japan. This one sports full 3D and dungeon exploration in first-person, says a magazine scan. You’ll head into the South Pole via Antartica to enter the freshly opened “Schwarze-verse,” armed with your demon armor,  and do your demon negotation thing, now with as many as 300 demons to talk to/flirt with/beat down.

Atlus continues with the DS lovin’. You’ll get no complaints here!

Atlus USA, are you already working on this?

[via unangbangkay’s c-blog

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