Atlus Japan on the lookout for a PS3/360 developer

You guys had a lot more to say about the sales of Persona 4 then I thought you would yesterday, so I suspect you’d want to hear anything you can about the possibility of Persona 5. Of course, there’s been no official confirmation on the title, but we’ve heard that composer Shoji Meguro is already hard at work on a score for a new game. Wonder what that might be?

Jobent reported today (via Siliconera) that Atlus Japan is on the lookout for a 360/PS3 programmer. In order to apply, you must have previously worked on an RPG for either console. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Of course, it could be the sequel to Demon’s Souls, too. You never know. In the meantime, I think I’ll go back to fantasizing about what Persona 5 will look like on my PS3…

Colette Bennett