Atlus is teasing us with yellow color, black text

The above text and a lot more of some really bright yellow is all you’ll see at this new Atlus teaser site. Given the stylish angle, font, and use of the letter “p”, I’d put money down that it’s in some way related to Persona 4.

But what could it be? There’s already a Persona 4 TV anime series coming out this fall. If I were to conjecture, it’d be an announcement of a PSP (or perhaps PS Vita) port of the PlayStation 2 classic. Atlus have already danced the enhanced-rerelease dance with the original Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 3, so doing Persona 4 (and the Eternal Punishment half of Persona 2) would bring things full circle.

What’s your theory?

New Atlus Teaser causes Persona Speculation [Andriasang]

Josh Tolentino
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