Atlus at Anime Expo: Win signed Demon’s Souls canvas art

Atlus will be at this weekend’s Anime Expo to show off their wares as well as hold a special panel on their upcoming PS3 RPG release, Demon’s Souls. This panel, called Demon’s Souls: The Full Story, will feature game producer Takeshi Kajii, and will cover the development and conceptialization of the game. The panel is scheduled for Saturday at 4:00 p.m. Those that attend the panel will be eligible to win a collectible framed canvas print of the game’s art, which will be autographed by Kajii himself. 

Atlus will also have a booth in the main hall, where they’ll show off games like Trauma Team, Demon’s Souls, SMT: Persona, SMT: Devil Survivor, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, and more. They will have swag, and will hold several giveaways during the show. 

We will be there this weekend, checking out the games and cosplayers and such. You might see me hovering around the Atlus booth for some of that swag.

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