Atlus announces Strange Journey for North America

We’ve been patiently waiting for Atlus to announce the DS game Strange Journey. The next in the line of Shin Megami Tensei games looks…well, strange, and we dig that in Atlus games.

It just came out in Japan last month, so hats off to Atlus for working on this so quickly. For those that missed the earlier talk on the game, it’s a sci-fi first-person role-playing game that has you exploring a hole that opened up in from the bottom of our planet. Inside? You guessed it: Weird-ass demons (over 300 now!) you can summon and use against others.

We’re thrilled that the release date is set some time in the Spring of 2010. The word from Japan is that this game is awesome.

In our gallery below we have plenty of brand new English screenshots of the game.

SMT fans, where you at? Are you looking forward to this?

Dale North