Atlus and Sting make an SRPG called Gungnir

Who is that doo doo brain in the comments that always says something like: ‘Dale likes an Atlus game. Big surprise.’? Whoever you are, it’s getting so old that it’s almost funny. There’s some crap Atlus games, for sure, but yes, I like most of what they publish. And I like most of what Sting makes. So now’s your chance if there ever was one, dude. Have your fun. Say it. SAY IT!

I am excited, though. These two RPG powerhouses are coming together for an SRPG called Gungnir: The War Hero and the War God’s Demon Lance, coming for the PSP. Sting is doing the heavy lifting, with the game’s development coming from the Yggdra Union staff. That’s great news as I loved Yggdra Union. The game follows a guy named Julio Ragwell. Julio comes across the lance Gungnir and then things get all RPG-y. This game was just revealed in the latest Famitsu.

Atlus will be the publisher on this title. Right now the date is set for May 19th in Japan. 

Please, never stop making SRPGs. 

Atlus And Sting Team Up For Tactical RPG Titled “Gungnir” [Siliconera]

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