Atlanta-based brewing company creates beer inspired by Zelda


It’s only a matter of time, with the craft scene as hopping as it is, until we got another video game inspired beer. This one is from Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, and it’s titled “Triforce.”

It’s not a half-assed effort though, as the name is derived from the ingredients — there’s three malts with barley, wheat, and oats, and three hops in cascade, mosaic, and amarillo — all of which come together to form the pieces of “power, courage, and wisdom.” It’s an IPA, and 6.1% ABV (slightly higher than your average mega-brand).

The beer is available year round, but unfortunately Atlanta state law prevents the shipment of it. If you’re in town you can participate in the “Triforce Quest,” a sort of city-wide scavenger hunt with prizes.

Triforce [Second Self]

Chris Carter
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