Atari’s Lunar Lander Beyond gets gameplay trailer and demo for Steam Next Fest

Coming in for a landing.

Lunar Lander Beyond Header

Atari and Cristales developer Dreams Uncorporated have pulled back the veil on Lunar Lander Beyond for this week’s Steam Next Fest. They’ve put out a trailer for the game, as well as a demo for you to try it out.

Based on the 1979 vector arcade title, Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander Beyond is a reimagining that ties a narrative and progression to the formula. Atari previously played it coy with a cinematic trailer that left a lot of questions. Especially considering the trailer’s more melancholy tone versus the synopsis, which boiled down to space deliveries.

I personally love the original Lunar Lander, but I was wondering how Dreams Uncorporated was going to tackle it. There have been a lot of adaptations of the game’s fight against gravity gameplay in the decades since its release. I didn’t expect stress.

The press release says, “Beware of mounting stress levels, as they may usher in harrowing hallucinations and the onset of cosmic-induced madness!”

Yeah, I usually start hallucinating when I’ve got a deadline coming up, or I’m visiting with relatives.

It honestly doesn’t look that bad, but, like I said, I’m a fan of the original. You select your pilot, there are four different ships that you can customize, and there are 30 missions across five celestial bodies. From that trailer, it looks like there will be a decent amount of variety between the mission types.

The demo can be test-driven from 10:00 AM today, October 9th, through October 16th. I think that’s in Eastern Time.

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