Atari, Ubisoft, others demanding money from pirates

A collection of usual suspects — including Atari, Ubisoft and Codemasters — have banded together to threaten pirates with legal action unless they stop their shenanigans and pay their dues. The deal is simple — give publishers money, or face getting sued. 

CD Projekt Red recently stopped the practice of threatening pirates in this manner, but the baton has been picked up by a coalition of other European companies with long-standing grudges. Koch Media is defending the security of Prison Break: The Conspiracy with the eternal vigilance of Cerberus!

These publishers are using long-criticized methods to track down pirates, relying only on IP addresses to find any violators. The practice breeds ill will among consumers, is easily circumvented by pirates who know what they’re doing, and can result in innocent people receiving threatening letters from rights holders.

Atari, Koch Media, Eidos/Square Enix, Daedalic Entertainment, BitComposer, Codemasters, Kalypso Media, Ubisoft, Aerosoft and dtp Entertainment are all involved.

Square Enix, Eidos & Other Game Giants All Demand Cash From Pirates [TorrentFreak, thanks Nick]

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