Asus launches the Eee stick, a Wii look-a-like for the PC

While I applaud Nintendo for coming up with a dynamic new way to control the games you play, I have to make a guilty admission — I really don’t care for holding two separate controllers. Sometimes it works out ok, but overall I just prefer to have one old fashioned controller in my hands than wave around two separate ones. It could also be because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered swing my arms all over the room while I play a game, but that’s another topic entirely.

For those of you who enjoy the freedom of playing one game with two controllers, Asus have introduced the Eee, which is a Wii-like controller that you can use with your PC. More specifics from Register Hardware:

The Eee Stick is made up of a seven button “Activation stick” and a “Navigation stick,” which has a thumb-operated joystick mounted on top. Both communicate with the PC through a 2.4GHz RF USB dongle, which has a 10m broadcast range.

Vibration feedback’s enabled on both sticks and they have three distinct modes of operation: 3D motion, pointing and titling. In 3D motion the controllers respond to and reproduce movement along all axes, in addition to wrist rotations, which should be good for beat ‘em up games. Pointing is designed for shooting games and tilting mode’s for racing or flying titles.

I might be jaded when it comes to the way of controllers, but I have to admit this does sound like it could make for some good times on the PC. Release date and price are unconfirmed at this time. Would you prefer these to using a keyboard and mouse?


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