Astronaut adventure Adr1ft headed to PS4 next week

Xbox One after that

Three One Zero is bringing its first-person space adventure Adr1ft to PlayStation 4 next Friday, July 15 for $19.99, following the game’s release on Steam back in March.

Struggling to survive, you play as an astronaut with a damaged suit while floating in and around a ruined space station. If the risk of suffocation in video games freaks you out, you might need to sit this one out. The views are very pretty up in orbit, but it’s also stressful out there.

I’m trying to decide if I either want to play now, or attempt to hold off until I can go through it with a headset strapped to my face who-knows-when. Last year, I played a preview build of Adr1ft outside of virtual reality and still found it to be plenty uneasy thanks to the sound design and immersive heads-up display on the helmet. In his review of the final PC release, Chris called it “one of the first ‘must-have’ games for VR.” So, yeah. Torn. Maybe I’ll just plan on playing it twice.

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