Asshole cat simulator Catlateral Damage out next week

PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya

I went to bed at like 7PM last night without cleaning up after dinner because I am always tired. This morning, while trying to work, I had to clean up because my cat (he’s so cute, yes he is, yes he is) kept jumping on the living room coffee table and kitchen table, posing a real threat of knocking over a buncha mess.

This is cat life, expertly recreated in Catlateral Damage, the first-person cat simulator that tasks you with wrecking up the place while left unattended. It’s coming to Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) May 27 and Ouya sometime soon as well.

Also, the press release was just two paragraphs of the word “meow,” which is exactly how all press releases should be. I know you can read my thoughts, boy…

Steven Hansen