Assault Suit Valken Declassified penetrates the dry dock Spring 2023

Assault Suit Valken Cybernator Header

Also known as Cybernator

Get ready for some heavy mech action, as Rainmaker Productions and M2 have announced they’ll be dropping their uncensored port of Assault Suit Valken on Switch this Spring. If you’re not sure what I’m so excited about, Assault Suit Valken was released in North America under the name Cybernator. If you still don’t know what I’m excited about then I’m deeply hurt.

Cybernator was published by Konami back in 1993, and it was awesome. However, the SNES version published in North America and Europe was censored and its translation was extremely barebones. While I could probably live without the censored content’s depictions of suicide, I definitely welcome the re-translated dialogue. Along with the translation comes standard features including like save states, retro screen filters, and unlockable cheats. You can also choose from arranged and original music, view production artwork, and check out an 80-page translated guide. Finally, they’ve included an interview with Satoshi Nakai.

But what you should be saying is, “Shhh… You had me at Assault Suit Valken is Cybernator.”

Interestingly, what is shown in the trailer is a port of the SNES original rather than the 2005 PS2 remaster. Personally, I prefer the game’s original pixel-art look. It’s surprising but welcome to see that M2 feels the same way.

Assault Suit Valken Declassified is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Zoey Handley
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