Assassin’s Creed Origins just got a free horde mode and a new difficulty


What year is it? People are digging Assassin’s Creed again? It’s weird that I’m allowed to openly show reverence for it again, though I’m sure Ubisoft will find some way to revert that goodwill sooner or later.

In the meantime though we’re riding high on free DLC, Final Fantasy teases, which includes the recent update of a horde mode and a new Nightmare difficulty. The latter is just a simple toggle that turns up enemy stats and makes them tougher, but the latter is based in the arena, with a recommended level of 32.

Later this month a Trial of the Gods option will pop up and involve Sekhmet (we’ve already had Anubis and Sobek), as well as the “wacky item pack” that should involve a Chocobo and some other bits of gear. Given that the Season Pass isn’t even here yet and the game is already packed, Ubisoft is doing right by Origins.

Assassin’s Creed Origins [Ubisoft]

Chris Carter
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