Ubisoft says owners will still have access to Assassin’s Creed Liberation

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Players will be able to ‘access, play or redownload’

Ubisoft has released a second update regarding the status of Steam release Assassin’s Creed Liberation and its incoming inaccessibility. In a statement printed by IGN, the publisher announced that players who own Liberation on Steam will still be able to access, re-download, and/or play the Assassin’s Creed III spin-off once it is removed from the Steam service in September.

“As stated in our support article, only DLCs and online features will be affected by the upcoming decommissioning,” said Ubisoft in the statement. “Current owners of those games will still be able to access, play or redownload them. Our teams are working with our partners to update this information across all storefronts and are also assessing all available options for players who will be impacted when these games’ online services are decommissioned on September 1st, 2022.”

“It has always been our intention to do everything in our power to allow those legacy titles to remain available in the best possible conditions for players, and this is what we are working towards.”

Despite referencing the support article, it’s worth noting that this new statement offers a little more clarity when compared to the company’s previous response, which seemed to suggest that the removal of player access to decommissioned titles was merely an unfortunate inevitability. It seems that this new statement, however, puts some modicum of control back into the hands of paying customers — rather than simply pulling paid products from their hands.

As of September 1, Assassin’s Creed Liberation will no longer be featured on the Steam platform. As of this writing, the spin-off adventure has already been made unavailable to purchase.

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